Temple of the Dog

The Cultural Significance of Temple of the Dog: Beyond Music

Temple of the Dog‘s self-titled album holds a profound cultural significance that extends beyond its music. Released in 1991, the album emerged as a cathartic expression of grief and a tribute to the late Andrew Wood, lead vocalist of Mother Love Bone. It served as a healing balm for both the band members and the wider Seattle music community, who were collectively grappling with the loss of a talented artist. The album’s emotional resonance and raw vulnerability resonated with audiences, making it a symbol of shared mourning and the power of music to provide solace during times of hardship.

Beyond its therapeutic qualities, Temple of the Dog played a pivotal role in shaping the grunge movement and forging lasting connections within the Seattle music scene. The collaboration between members of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam showcased the deep camaraderie and mutual respect that existed among these musicians. This unity became emblematic of the sense of community and collaboration that defined the grunge era, as artists supported and inspired one another to create groundbreaking music that would define a generation.

Moreover, Temple of the Dog’s cultural impact can be seen in its role as a bridge between the alternative and mainstream music scenes. The album’s release predates the commercial breakthrough of both Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, and its success helped pave the way for the widespread recognition of these bands. Temple of the Dog introduced audiences to the powerful and distinctive vocals of Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder, whose captivating performances on tracks like “Hunger Strike” captivated listeners and propelled them to further success in their respective careers.

Finally, Temple of the Dog’s influence extends beyond the realm of music. It symbolizes the enduring spirit of artistic expression and the indomitable human ability to find strength in the face of tragedy. The album’s themes of loss, remembrance, and unity continue to resonate with audiences today, reminding us of the power of music to heal and connect people on a profound level. Temple of the Dog remains an enduring cultural touchstone that exemplifies the transformative impact of art and the enduring legacy of the grunge movement.

History Temple of the Dog

Temple of the Dog 2016 Tour

In 2016, Chris Cornell announced that Temple of the Dog would be reuniting for a limited tour to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the band’s self-titled album. The tour was highly anticipated by fans of the band and the grunge genre as a whole, and tickets sold out quickly for all of the dates.

The tour kicked off in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 4, 2016, and featured several members of Pearl Jam joining Cornell on stage, including guitarist Mike McCready, bassist Jeff Ament, and drummer Matt Cameron. The tour was a nostalgic trip down memory lane for many fans, with Cornell and the band playing hits from the Temple of the Dog album, as well as some Soundgarden and Audioslave favorites.

The band received rave reviews for their live performances, with many critics and fans noting that Cornell’s voice had not lost any of its power or range over the years. The tour was a chance for fans to relive the glory days of the grunge era and celebrate the music of one of the genre’s most beloved bands.

One of the highlights of the tour was a performance at the Madison Square Garden in New York City, where the band was joined on stage by Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder for a rendition of “Hunger Strike,” the iconic duet that had helped to launch both bands’ careers. The performance was a powerful tribute to the late Andrew Wood, and a reminder of the enduring impact of Temple of the Dog’s music.

The tour wrapped up on November 21, 2016, in Seattle, Washington, the birthplace of the grunge movement. The tour was a bittersweet reminder of the talent and influence of Chris Cornell and the grunge era as a whole, and a testament to the enduring power of their music.

Discography Lyrics Temple of the Dog

Temple of the Dog – Temple of the Dog (Álbum)

Temple of the Dog - Temple of the Dog (portada del álbum)

  1. Say Hello 2 Heaven – 6:22
  2. Reach Down – 11:11
  3. Hunger Strike – 4:03
  4. Pushin Forward Back (Jeff Ament, Stone Gossard, Cornell) – 3:44
  5. Call Me a Dog – 5:02
  6. Times of Trouble (Gossard, Cornell) – 5:41
  7. Wooden Jesus – 4:09
  8. Your Saviour – 4:02
  9. Four Walled World (Gossard, Cornell) – 6:53
  10. All Night Thing – 3:52
Lyrics Temple of the Dog

Temple of the Dog – Your Savior

People like you, I know myself
Walk in the shoes of somebody else
Whisper to me, my tragic fate
Whisper to me, my tragic end
But don’t give me your savior

People I choose, life on my own
Burn me your fuse, throw me your stones
Give me your brand, burn on my hand
Whisper to me, my tragic end
But don’t give me your savior

People I choose, I know myself
Lay my need out, give you my help
But you give me your blues
And you whisper my fate
But don’t give me your savior

Lyrics Temple of the Dog

Temple of the Dog – Wooden Jesus

Wooden Jesus, where are you from?
Korea or canada or maybe taiwan?
I didn’t know it was the holy land
But I believed from the minute
The check left my hand, and I pray

Can I be saved? I spent all my money
On a future grave
Wooden jesus I¡ll cut you in
On twenty percent of my future sin

Porcelain mary her majesties pure
Looking for virgin territory.
Coat hanger halos don’t come cheap
From television shepherds with living room
Sheep, and I pray

Can I be saved? I spent all my money
On a future grave
Wooden jesus I’ll cut you in
On twenty percent of my future sin

Lyrics Temple of the Dog

Temple of the Dog – Times of Trouble

When the spoon is hot
And the needles sharp
And you drift away
I can hear you say
That the world in black
Is upon your back
And your body shakes
So you ditch away
And you close the shades

Dont try to do it
Dont try to kill your time
You might do it
Then you cant change your mind
Youve got a hold on to your time
Till your break through these
Times of trouble

When you try to talk
And the words get hard
And they put you down
Dont you stay
Dont you ditch away

I saw you swinging
Swinging your mothers sword
I know youre playing but
Sometimes the rules get hard
But if somebody left you out on a ledge
If somebody pushed you over the edge
If somebody loved you and left you for dead
You got to hold on to your time till you break
Through these times of trouble

Lyrics Temple of the Dog

Temple of the Dog – Say Hello to Heaven

Please, mother mercy
Take me from this place
And the long winded curses
I keep hearing in my head
Words never listen
And teachers never learn
Now Im warm from the candle
But I feel too cold to burn
He came from an island
And he died from the street
He hurt so bad like a soul breaking
But he never said nothing to me
So say hello to heaven

New like a baby
Lost like a prayer
The sky was your playground
But the cold ground was your bed
Poor stargazer
Shes got no tears in her eyes
Smooth like whisper
She knows that love heals all wounds with time
Now it seems like too much love
Is never enough, you better seek out
Another road cause this one has
Ended abrupt, say hello to heaven

I never wanted
To write these words down for you
With the pages of phrases
Of things well never do
So I blow out the candle, and
I put you to bed
Since you cant say to me
Now how the dogs broke your bone
Theres just one thing left to be said
Say hello to heaven