Temple of the Dog First Tour Ever Announced for late 2016

It has been 25 years since Temple of the Dog published its only album. 25 years listening to those wonderful songs, and the many songs that its members brought us in their different (and prolific) musical careers.

Now, for the first time ever, Temple of the Dog has announced that the band will be playing live. They had even set up a web page for the announcement, in a sibling domain of us!

At the time of writing there is 5 shows confirmed, all to be held next november 2016 in the US.

Nov 4 Philadelphia, PA  Tower Theatre
Nov 7 New York, NY Madison Square Garden
Nov 11 San Francisco, CA Bill Graham Civic Center
Nov 14 Los Angeles, CA The Forum
Nov 20 Seattle, WA Paramount Theater

Tickets will be for sale next 29th July, or if you are a member of one of the fan clubs for Pearl Jam, Soundgarden or Chris Cornell, starting next 27th July.

I can barely express how great this news is. I’m sure a lot of fans throughout America will be there in one of those 5 shows. Sad news for the european fans of the band is that there is no show confirmed for Europe yet. Maybe they are waiting to see fans response to this before do it the same (4-5 shows) in Europe maybe in London, Paris, or Berlin.

If you are interested in attending one of the shows, please go to the official web and be prepare to buy them as soon as they are available, or risk losing your chance of seeing them live.